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Once More: Colbert and Wales

This is just something I thought I would mention as it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, was on The Colbert Report last night for an interview (heres the video). Surprisingly enough, considering the fracas last year with the elephant population where they had to block the page and accused Colbert of vandalism they seemed to get on really well. But that’s mostly because I think that both of them know what the other one is doing/trying to do. However, once again (though far more subtly this time) Colbert asked the populace to change things on Wikipedia. Some of the more prominent pages included Oxygen (It’s poison) and Albert Einstein (COLBERT=GOD). The oxygen article is still locked, but the Einstein one is open again. There was also an interesting (silent) mention of librarians. Perhaps we are hiding something. Stephen Colbert would know and it’s common knowledge that if it’s on Wikipedia, it’s the truth.

Heres a screenshot:

Librarians are hiding something.