Weekly Resources #2

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Learn Weekly News for Designers (SpeckyBoy Design Magazine) – A great list of resources including SASS, .js, WordPress, and GUI design elements. Announcing Google Search Console – the new Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Blog) – Google Webmaster tools has been … Continued

Weekly Resources # 1

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Learn Some Common Legal Misconceptions About Image Usage (SpeckyBoy Design Magazine) – A great article about using images you find online, and many misconceptions that come with it. Covers government images, creative commons, and stock photos. Finding more mobile-friendly search … Continued

Almost Famous

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The best part of Roy Tennant’s new post on Library Journal, How to Become (and Stay) Famous? This comment: Do we actually have professional colleagues who think strategically about the steps they will take to become “famous”? If so, I’m … Continued

Online Communities v.2

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Randall Munroe, creator of the online webcomic xkcd has updated his well known Online Communities map for 2010. It looks similar but the “countries” have changed quite a lot since the first iteration, created in 2007. MySpace was still huge … Continued

Small Link Dump

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7 Essential Guidelines for Functional Design – Another great one from Smashing Magazine. These ideas need to be at the core of a library website designs/redesigns. Clearly define your purpose and build around that. Also, The Social Web and Libraries: … Continued


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Looking for design ideas? Design degree or not there’s nothing wrong in gaining inspiration from else where and this is just as important in web design as it is anywhere else. So fasten your seatbelt for a crash landing into … Continued