Short List

I remember the days when the mighty directory was on the front page over at Yahoo; the days before Google and that little search bar took prominence. While I can’t deny the power of that massive web database I used to get a bit annoyed when searching through the list only pointed me to another website that was also an exhaustive list of links. It wasn’t just Yahoo of course, there were other web directories like that, where you never seemed to actually get to any real websites, just lists upon lists. So it’s not surprising that I have some issues with “resource sites.” However there are a few I find particularly useful, so here’s a (very) short list.

Web Developer’s Handbook – I use this one constantly. It’s a massive list (all on one page) of all sorts of web design/development resources ranging from inspiration to code. The good thing about this one is that the sites that link are direct, and not directories themselves.

20+ Free Web Design Ebooks and Guides – Can’t afford those expensive books? Well here you go. Arranged by category.

Web Design Library – A bit more commercial but useful anyway. Covers basics, code, scripting, and offers graphic design tutorials for a variety of programs.

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