Monthly Archives: July 2008


Bear with me here:

1. Diagnostics

  • Importance of strong and attractive web presence
  • Do you need dedicated web space? / do you need to redesign?
  • Local government/county/corporate controlled web presence (must conform?)
  • Money matters (design fee/staff time/hosting)

2. First Steps

  • Getting that first idea
  • Deciding the needs of patrons and staff
  • Research!
  • Time table and tentative launch. (Give yourself at least six months.)
  • Outsourcing or in house? / Stakeholders

3. Process

  • Resources: templates, code, interactivity, etc.
  • Software/utilities (editors, ff extentions)
  • Good practices
  • Develop mockups, choose design, develop test version
  • Only launch finished product
  • Beta test with staff/patrons before launch

4. Upkeep

  • Fluid and always changing, never done
  • Web 2.0
  • New (but not scary) things